Museum Melodies

Music to accompany museum galleries, outdoor exhibits, and cultural spaces. Designed for a multi-sensory experience. 

The Cloisters, New York City - The Cloisters is dedicated to medieval European art and architecture. Listen to some music from the middle ages and explore the gardens and galleries. I've included one of my favorite songs, Greensleves, which is said to have been composed by King Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn.

Noguchi Garden, Costa Mesa - Isamu Noguchi's California Scenario is definitely worth a visit. The space is small and nestled between office buildings (one of which I work at). The water features, sculptures, and cactus garden make a great backdrop for contemplation, or for photos. California is a melting pot - and I reccomend a playlist that reflects that. Think Indian dance music, rock, and Israeli pop. 

Le Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris - For modern and contemporary art - le mam can’t be beat. I visit every time I’m in Paris. I love ambling around and enjoying the variety of textures and styles. I recommend a mix of french rock to match the upbeat, eclectic energy of the art. 

PS gallery posters in the gift store are €5